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Whirl, Twirl, and Giggle in Clearwater's Playland!

Discover the heart of fun at Celebration Station in Clearwater's Playland! Climb aboard the enchanting Miner Mike roller coaster, whirl on the vibrant Drummer Boy, or sway gently on the Swing. It's a place where laughter and joy ride every wave of excitement. Playland is packed with giggles for the little ones and fun memories for all!

Step into a world of amusement with Playland's rides at Celebration Station in Clearwater! Here, every turn is filled with laughter, and every ride promises a new delight. Let the kids revel in the joy of our whimsical attractions, from the thrilling dips of the roller coaster to the merry spins of the Drummer Boy, and the carefree heights on the Swing. Playland is your family's happy place where smiles are endless and fun is always in motion.


  • Riders must be a minimum of 36'' tall.
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