laser tag

Enter the Laser Zone: Clearwater's Premier Laser Tag Experience!

Charge up for an electrifying adventure at Celebration Station in Clearwater! Our Laser Tag is a thrilling journey for all adrenaline seekers, providing a dynamic space of vibrant light battles that captivate both young warriors and seasoned strategists. Step into our state-of-the-art arena and join the quest for laser supremacy, where precision and teamwork lead to triumph. Lock in your targets and prepare for an epic showdown – every shot promises a burst of excitement!

Gear up for an intense adventure at Celebration Station in Clearwater! Navigate through our futuristic Laser Tag Arena, where laser beams cross in a high-stakes game of skill and strategy. With the latest laser technology, a maze-like setting, pulsating music, and glowing lights, each game is an immersive battle against foes. Whether you're ducking and weaving or taking careful aim, excitement is guaranteed. Standby for action, strap on your vest, and let the laser duel begin!


  • No age or height restrictions, guests must be able to wear the vest and carry the phaser.
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