bumper boats

Make Waves with Laughter at Clearwater's Bumper Boats!

Prepare for an eruption of giggles and splashes at the Bumper Boats of Celebration Station in Clearwater! Immerse yourself in a watery wonderland ideal for families and friends. On a sizzling Clearwater day, there's no cooler way to unwind than with a fun-filled bump and splash. Take the wheel of your own vessel, anticipate the cheerful collisions – our Bumper Boats provide non-stop entertainment and cool waves for all!

Gear up for a thrilling nautical adventure on the waters of Celebration Station in Clearwater! The Bumper Boats call you to partake in delightful water frolics. Steer around the pool, ram into pals, and set off a spray of excitement. Each skipper and their mates are guaranteed a memorable, drenched journey of joy. Available seasonally and weather-dependent, your splashy escapade in Clearwater's Celebration Station awaits!


  • Watch Out You're Going To Get Wet!! Boat captains need to be minimum of 48" tall. Passengers must be 40” tall and driven by a person 18 years of age or older.
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bumper boats

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